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"Providing you true global access"


The combined expertise at RENI Aviation shows it's full potential in times of crisis or when working in high risk environments.

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RENI Aviation provides some of the most complete aerial delivery solutions on the market. Including military and civilian Paradrop operations and disaster relief services with the ability to drop cargo highly accurate with parachutes.

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RENI Aviation provides highly accurate surveys for any responsible private, military or recreational airfield owner worldwide. Providing owners with all required knowledge to enable safe airfield operations.

We are proud to be the only company in the world able to despatch a team of former SOF to survey landing zones or airfields anywhere on the planet from Antarctica to Greenland and everything in between, to get aid into a disaster area, supply remote operations (NGO, Scientific research centers, Mining compagnies, etc) on a regular basis or determine vital safety factors for responsible airfield operations actively avoiding potential aircraft accidents and loss of life.

Click on the title to find out more about what we can do for your organisation.

Aerial Survey
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RENI Aviation has multiple aircraft who are adapted to house various types of cameras or radars which can be installed in the floor and operated remotely using an electrical sliding door. Our possibilities include but aren't limted to: Environmental observation, border/maratime patrol, Highly detailed area mapping (Including through dense forest canopies), Aerial fire detection and more.

For this we have strong partnerships with the biggest leaders in Geospatial data.


Aerial Filming / Photography
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RENI Aviation has experience filming for the movie industry, providing high quality air-to-air filming and photography. We're your partner of choice if you're looking for speed, flexibility and accuracy. 

Full Mission Profiles
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RENI Aviation hosts Full Mission Profiles (FMP) for military Special Operations Forces looking to integrate with a Special Operations Air Task Unit (SOATU) for air-land or aerial delivery operations.

Some of our strengths: 

Fully customisable to your training needs.

Planning / preparation location available (BELGIUM / MALTA) or we come to you. Multiple types of STOL aircraft available. Hosted by former SOF. Highly detailed debrief available with video and audio footage together with blue force tracking to walk back steps to the exact minute.

Image by Skycraft Studios

Fast Jet Training
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RENI Aviation has gathered the best aviators to provide realistic Fast Jet Close Air Support training according to JPUB 3-09.3 and JFIRE 2023 procedures for any US and/or NATO accredited JTAC. We also provide Aggressor role training to simulate enemy aircraft tactics , techniques and procedures to give a realistic simulation of air combat.

Target pulling is also within our range of possibilities.

ATO Flight Training
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RENI Aviation is the go to ATO for your non-conventional flight training. Services include STOL and tail-dragger training up to UPRT. We also train our pilots in-house and provide you with a range of experience from both airline and military air operations. 

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