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Airfield Survey Quote

PCN / CBR determination Weight bearing capacity determination GPS/GNSS Data Obstacles Charts Safety

  • 2 hr
  • Online meeting

Service Description

RENI Aviation provides highly accurate surveys for any responsible private, military or recreational airfield owner worldwide. You can expect: - Detailed measurements to determine a Pavement Classification Number (or California bearing Ratio in case of grass / unpaved airstrips), strength profile and weight bearing capacity for runways, taxiways and aprons. - Mapping of critical obstacles, wing tip clearance and glide slope ratio. - Accurate geometric airfield data. - Visual products including a detailed airfield diagram. - Aerial pictures - Instrument approach calibration (on request) - (Temporary) displaced threshold determination due to damage or repairs. - Safety assessment and advise. Providing owners with all required knowledge to enable safe airfield operations. Note: Airfield surveys can be done at night to avoid daytime closure. Free price quote will be based on transportation cost, airfield size, surface type and requested services.

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