Training PC-6

Pilatus PC-6 Training

Reni aviation is one of the few companies in the world with a Pilatus PC-6 training program.
We care to give a complete package to our trainees, preparing them with safe and operational flying skills. This means we take time for pre-flight and post-flight briefings. Students need clear defined objectives to work towards a goal and constructive feedback to improve their skills during flight training. We are also strongly convinsed that sharing our passion and enthousiasm for aviation is equally important. 

Course details:

For student who require training for their FAA license:

The Pilatus PC-6 is included in the SE land rating with a weight below 12500 pounds.
A personal training program will be provided in accordance with your total and recent flight experience. All proper endorsements (tail dragger, high performance) will be signed off after course completion. A BFR will also be included as extra.

JAA Electrical versus Manual stabliizer trim conversion:

The JAA Pilatus PC-6 classrating should be followed by an additional conversion training for operation on manual versus electrical stabilizer trim, and visa versa. 
Our team of instructors will adapt the additional training to your personal needs and experience.

For more infomation and pricing about the Pilatus PC-6 training, please fill in the request form.